What to Expect

Each of us step through the church doors at different places in our lives. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you have a place here. Vineyard is a unique church that brings a meaningful “God-experience” not only to those who know him, but also to those who are far from God—people who never imagined they’d step foot inside a church building.

Our services are creative and relevant to today’s issues—with engaging music, fresh topics and a dynamic atmosphere. We’ve made every effort for you to encounter God in a real and natural way.

“Lead people into a growing relationship with Christ.” That’s our mission. As you get to know us more and more, you’ll find everything we do is designed to help you build authentic friendships as you grow closer to God. We are passionate about it, because we know Jesus is the only real answer in a world that pulls you in every direction.

We’re excited you’re checking us out and look forward to seeing you at our next Newcomers Welcome!

What to Expect

As friendly as most churches hope to be, it still can be a little frightening visiting a church for the first time! We've done our best to make the Vineyard Church as "user-friendly" as possible. Whatever your background, especially if this is your first visit, we want you to feel comfortable. Lots of first-time guests visit us each week. Look for the guest parking as you pull into the parking lot.

Sunday services

Upon arrival, make sure to pick up a program, explaining what you can expect during the service. One of the first things you'll notice is the complimentary coffee at our coffee bar. You are welcome to bring a cup into the auditorium. You'll also see that everyone is dressed casually. We typically begin our services with an opening worship set (about 20 minutes). Rather than an organ or choir we have a live band. Most of our music has a pop/rock feel. At this time, you'll have the opportunity to respond to God through worship, prayer, communion, leaving a note at the cross or giving financially.

Next, we'll hear about a few of our upcoming events and give an offering. A member of our teaching team (usually Rick O, our lead pastor) will then give a talk. The talk lasts somewhere between 30 and 35 minutes and often includes video clips from movies, stories from people's lives or dramas.

After the service

Our services run about 65 to 75 minutes. After the service, many people visit with friends around a cup of coffee in our café area. If you're at the Fort Collins campus, you also might want to wander through our bookstore called Winepress Music and Books. We hope you'll return for another visit next Sunday or sometime in the future!


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