Worship Team

Listed below are the people that lead worship at all of our campuses week to week. If you are interested in finding out more info about auditioning for the worship team, please fill out the application below.

Worship Leaders

Windsor Campus Worship Director: AJ Scifres

Fort Collins Campus Worship Director: Tom Ewing

Worship Team Application Form

If you are interested in joining the worship team, please fill out our application form here.

Vineyard Worship Expectations

Church Mission:
Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

All those desiring to join Vineyard of the Rockies Worship Team must be:

  • Growing in God
  • Living lives that glorify God
  • In agreement with the Vineyard's vision and Statement of Faith
  • Committed members of the Vineyard
  • Submitted to the leadership of the Vineyard Church of the Rockies
  • Committed to the vision and expectations of the Vineyard Church of the Rockies Worship Team
  • Called to serve the Vineyard Church of the Rockies Worship Team

Personal relationship with God
Jesus said, “one thing is needed” (Luke 10:42). It’s imperative as worship leaders and worship team members that we stay on track in our own personal quest for God. We can only lead others to God if we’re moving toward him ourselves. Our lives, on and off the stage should exemplify deep love and commitment for God, his people, and his purposes. We will never be perfect but we can live a life that is growing in God.

Church attendance
Worship team members are expected to regularly attend Vineyard services. You should attend at least 80% of the time other than when you are on for worship. We must commit to growing in the Lord under the leadership God has given us here at the Vineyard.

Relationship to leadership, the team and the congregation
This goes beyond our church attendance. We need to commit to being aligned with our leaders. Praying for them, supporting them, submitting to them and moving with them as God directs. Our commitment must also continue to grow in our relationship one to another. With that comes a responsibility to encourage and support one another in the things of God. In addition, we must be actively cultivating a heart for the people we lead.

Worship team meetings
All those involved with Vineyard Church of the Rockies worship will have a quarterly all-team get-together. As a worship team member, you are required to attend these meetings for updates on information, vision casting and other communications.

When to show up
Call times are different for each service/venue. Rehearsal time is published with the schedule, generally 1½ hours before the service. This is for sound check, stage set up and prayer. If additional time for rehearsal is needed, you may be asked to arrive earlier. You need to be available from time to time to stay and play at the end of a service when requested. Come prepared and focused to pursue God and to have fun. Come physically prepared. Make sure you are adequately rested. Instrumental set-ups and tuning, technical set-ups and instrument/vocal warm-ups should take place before sound check.

Dress code
When on the stage, we need to look appropriate at all times. Distracting clothing will not be allowed, such as: clothing too tight, high or revealing (keep tummies covered). Leaders and musicians can wear jeans and acceptable shirts and tops (please no t-shirts with offensive language or drug references). Dresses and skirts must hang at the knees or lower. Tops or dresses with spaghetti straps are not allowed.

Development of skills
Worship team members are expected to strive for excellence by continuing the development of their artistic gifts. This could involve: practicing and learning on your own time, taking private lessons, being “extra” attentive during rehearsals, studying other artists, attending conferences or reviewing your approaching set list, including MP3s that may have been sent to you by the leader.

Worship team members will be asked to make a commitment before each season to confirm their commitment to the stated Vineyard Worship Team vision, expectations and upcoming schedule.


Worship Contact Info

Contact Tom
Fort Collins Campus Worship Director

Contact AJ
Windsor Campus Worship Director

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