Hospitality by definition is the act of making people feel “at home” and comfortable. There are many different avenues to provide this through our church. The goal of the Vineyard Hospitality Team is to allow people to walk into an environment that will provide a welcoming first impression, and allow them to feel at home and settle in. Below are several great ways you can help out!

9am Hospitality Team
The 9am team gives you an opportunity to love people and serve God. If you're looking for meaningful friendships with team members, the 9am team incorporates serving with fun social interactions such as pizza parties and breakfasts.

10:45am Hospitality Team
The 10:45am team provides more than a place to serve, it opens up a new family to be a part of. The 10:45am team seeks to grow spiritually, personally and socially as we serve others. Get hooked up with new friends, build relationships and serve your church in the process.

Parking Lot Team
Remember yesteryear when you ran out in traffic, dodged cars, yelled at drivers and gestured "friendly greetings"? You can relive those days (with a few modifications) in the Vineyard parking lot. If you're agile enough to move around parked and slow-moving vehicles, give a friendly smile and wave infectiously, then the parking lot team is for you!

Café Cruisers
Do you like to mingle with others and make them feel at home? Come help out in the café and lobby by giving a hand to those who may need an extra one or by simply striking up a friendly conversation with our visitors and guests.

Handi-Bus Ministry (Fort Collins)
Come build relationships as you brighten someone’s day. This unique ministry provides transportation to those who have special needs and desire to attend Church on Sunday mornings. While all of the physically challenged in our church family are welcome to utilize this Fort Collins-campus-based service, priority is for those who are wheelchair bound. Drivers and ride-along-helpers are always needed. NOTE: This service is currently only available for our 10:45am service.

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